Well, Tear My Calf and Have an Apple

27 04 2009

Ouch!  Go to the gym all winter long (less so the last month) and get on the cycles maybe twice a week, trying to keep legs strong.  

Rushed down to Woodstock for our opening game of old man baseball.  I was supposed to be the eleventh guy — a couple of innings to stretch and relax and warm up — but as I pulled up, I found out I was the ninth.  So into the game I went, third out of the bottom of the first was hit my way and as I went to move about two feet to my left, I felt the same fucking pop in my left leg that I felt in my right two years ago.

After looking forward, albeit somewhat distractedly, to the opening of baseball season, I put myself on the DL for . . . two weeks, three weeks?  More?  Last time it was six weeks, after not letting it heal for three weeks.

Man oh man.  Talk about putting myself behind in the fitness category…will be looking for some exercises to help.




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