The Campaign

15 09 2008

It is a strange thing, this salesmanship.  During a primary, you are knocking on doors of friendlies, people who have a known history of voting, voting Democratic, and probably voting for someone like you.  This is like having a sales route for Coke given to you and all you have to do to begin is meet everyone because the Coke will sell itself.  This proved successful, and I, as the new Coke, found my way on to the fall ballot.  The Republicans (ye whose brand is closer to Shop Rite cola) failed to run a candidate under their own banner, but known Republican operatives worked to get an “independent” on the ballot, who is none other than the person who ran against us in the primary.  Oh well.  Competition is good in a democracy, no doubt, but it would have been nice to run as if it were not a democracy.

Oh. Right.

And so we will go on.  I’ll wait a couple of more months to get myself measured up for that new suit jacket at Men’s Wearhouse and to pick out the legislative Merrells.  I was hoping that our signs wouldn’t be contributing too much to the wasteland of politica, but we’ll be out there, every quarter mile or so, whether we need to be or not.  I’ll be out there kissing babies with the rest of them.



2 responses

17 09 2008

You know, that’s an old wives tale. Babies don’t like to be kissed. What they were referring to was candidates being kissed BY babes. (It got all mucked up over the years…)

Get comfortable shoes. Heat, hills and walking can be grueling on the soles (souls?). I also loved the long conversations about some neighbor’s trees encroaching another neighbor’s yard and when is government going to do something about that?

17 09 2008

My favorite so far is the long conversation about the septic running down a stream from a hunting camp turned into a residence. Ongoing for five years now. That and the shocked reactions to Palin.

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