Why Joe Posnanski Rules the World

1 08 2008

Joe Posnanski is a sports columnist for the Kansas City Star.  He’s a bit younger than I am, but his cultural references are about the same and he really likes Bruce Springsteen.  I came upon his blog sometime late last year.  His link is on my RSS feed, so I get to check in with his writing every day.

Joe rules the world because of posts like this:

Pixifood (PIKZ-ee-food), noun: Any food substance that is highly pleasant to the taste as a child and tastes shockingly unpleasant once you become an adult.

Baseball Card Gum
As a child it tastes like: Bubble blowing magic.
As an adult it tastes like: Sugared sandpaper.
Tidbits: A few years ago, Topps released a retro set of baseball cards — I believe it was based on the 1952 set. Anyway, it included the gum. I was SO excited. I immediately went to eBay and spent WAY too much on a box of those cards. I got it, and I chewed the gum and … I expect to get the feeling in my jaw back no later than September 2013. More to the point, the inside of my mouth got so raw, you could strike a match against it. What do they put in that stuff? Roofing shingles? I think part of the problem is that they started putting the gum in little plastic packets, presumably so they would not get stale and ruin the back of baseball cards like the old days. But maybe that’s how they lost the magic. As a kid it was great because, really, as far as taste went, you never know where the gum ended and the baseball cards began.

You never know where the gum ended and the baseball cards began.  Indeed. There is more, of course, all of it dead on.

Joe also works with the Pozterisk, which is a floating footnote that usually is a tangent that is as entertaining as the post.  I have used and will use it because it is, for me and my writing, natural.  Joe just showed me how it can be done.

The thing about Joe, though, is that he is a working columnist, former journalist, is researching a book about the Damned Big Red Machine of 1975 and STILL writes thousand word posts five times a week.  The man just has to write.  I’m in awe.  To be so prolific and so good.  Just like Stephen King, except I read this.



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