Vice President Douglas

5 06 2008

It makes sense.

For years Douglas has been able to avoid being tarred with his deep and intense connections to the Bush Administration — from his unrepentant support of Nixon in his youth to his Karl Rove-trained non-partisan secretary of transportation campaign head to his desire to demoralize the entire state workforce to his inability to compromise (and succeeding!) with a frustrated legislature to supporting John McCain, whose New England campaign is run by the old Mad Dog, another ankle-biter trained by the best. He also looks like he is thoroughly disengaged from his job, hating every minute of having everything he does questioned by a press corps which is auditioning to be the next spokespersons hired. Watch him in debate with anyone. He looks like he’d rather be fishing. Baiting his own hook.

The Governor is one of the few people left in the whole of the Republican party who is seemingly immune to Bushcancer. Is he a better candidate than Mitt? Rudy? Yes! Wind him up and he stays on message! Can take him anywhere! Self-deprecating! Better public speaker than McCain! Competent looking! Didn’t sign the civil union law! Aside from the maybe prochoice stance, everything about him fits a McCain VP profile.

Sounds like a slam dunk to me.



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