The Home Run

28 05 2008

On Sunday I hit my first old man home run. An over the fence out of the park home run, not the hit the ball as far as you can and run like the wind tar on a summer day. While my cup felt a little smaller as I rounded the bases, it was actually pretty humbling.

Airport Park in Colchester has a fence around its outfield and the poles are set, supposedly, at 290 feet (just 15 or 20 feet shy of Fenway). On Opening Day, the wind was blowing out to left and center — no surprise given the proximity to Mallets Bay — and the opposing team tattooed a couple of balls over the fence. Even on Sunday, without the big wind, Bayside hit two homers as well.

But no North Star had knockedahoma in about five years, certainly none since I’ve been playing. I haven’t hit the ball well for a full year now, so to say it was a surprise is not shocking. I’m in much better physical shape this year, stronger in the core, but I have not been great at the plate yet this year. No sweet spot shots of any kind. So on Sunday, with two guys on in the fourth or fifth, at my third at bat, I had no premonition. Augie did, on the way to the park, but I didn’t hear that.

I’d had a couple of hits already, as well as a couple of RBI, so I had already had a good day. Facing a lefty with an inconsistent ump behind the plate. He’d started me off with straight fast balls the previous two times and I just guessed he’d throw another. I’d choked up a bit (which may be the key to hitting more on the sweet spot in weeks to come) and just hit it. Nothing else. I’d been working on my stance and my swing over the last couple of weeks, and for one swing it came together. It didn’t even feel as if I’d hit it, which is the mark of the well hit ball. Over the scoreboard it went, a double at any other park without a fence and my legs, and around I went.

Not earthshattering, but what a nice thing to do. Ended up five for six with six RBI. Nice day.

On Monday, Matt cut off his big toe mowing the lawn.



One response

28 05 2008

Congrats on the homer! When I was playing softball, I was happy just to get on base (having never been athletic). Also because the grumbling and the stares as you strike out get depressing…

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